Crush up oxycodone and put it in water

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Adderall xr interrogate? I'm 16 and I was put on adderall xr three days ago, the first. My TEEN is hyperactive and the doctor suggested putting him on the medication .
Can you crush vicoden and put it in you urine to show for drug test?
So, recently I have been toying with the idea of shooting oxy, just once (thats how . Do not, even in Crush up oxycodone and put it in water the least bit, considder this if it is a Percocet, Endocet .
If you crush oxycodone pills and put it into water, will you still get the effect? ChaCha Answer: As long as you drink all of the wat.
1. oxycodone A synthetic opiate. It is sold under brand names such as Oxycontin and Percocets as well as Roxicodone. It's effects are similar to heroin.
First of all you should be careful, bc this is very very addictive, but anyway you asked. If it

Crush up oxycodone and put it in water

is oxycodone IR or instant release, just put one in a spoon, put about .
Oxycodone Test - Oxycodone Drug Test - OxyContin drug testing - testing information and products
Can you crush up ativan. about doing this I went ahead and injected crushed up Ativan. So don't listen to anybody that says you can't slam benzos, it just simply isn .
I have access to "non-generic" oxycontin and typically insuffalate them. I not interested in stepping it up and shooting them, however I am interested in getting more .
I know a lot of you guys (and girls) say there is no reason to IV oxy since its oral . You know I have iv'd Oxy as well as Heroin and if I had to choose one or the .
Can you shoot up the yellow eth 445 oxycodone pills? Posted in the OxyContin, Roxicodone, Oxycodone Forum
In Tangier, my typewriter in hock to buy Eukodol, a chemical derivative of codeine . the reason I don't like IVing oxy (I still will, obviusly. The needle is my .
Best Answer: Here is a link to where you should be looking for the answer instead of trusting just anybody with a computer and access to Yahoo.
Crush up oxycodone put it in your drink. just dump the powder in your mouth, or mix it with some juice and drink it. If I want to crush
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